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Welcome  to  Castle  Consulting, LLC


Castle Consulting, LLC was formed in 1998 by Neil Schloss, CPA.  After working for both Wiss & Company and Amper, Politziner & Mattia and gaining vast amounts of knowledge and experience, Castle Consulting began.

Castle Consulting is committed to helping clients in two areas.  First it established itself as a professional in the accounting field.  Helping clients start new businesses, prepare business and individual tax returns, and provide continued financial consultation throughout the years.  Second it focused on helping clients implement accounting software packages.   Over the years, expertise was learned in areas of distribution and manufacturing, entertainment, financial professional and real estate.

Castle Consulting prides itself on long lasting relationships with its clients.  


In the accounting field, we are experts in preparation of business and individual taxes, forming new business, small business consultation, and general business knowledge.

In the computer field, we are experts in Windows applications, accounting programs like QuickBooks and Macola Progression, EDI,  and database development .  We are QuickBooks Advisor's and can help you with installation, training and support on any version of the program.

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